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OUR SERVICES / Bees & Wasp Control

Wasps are a nuisance around garbage dumpsters, decks, pool areas, picnic areas and generally any place people like to be. Honey bees are normally housed in manufactured hives and managed by beekeepers. In some instances wild colonies of honey bees may nest in hollow trees or in wall voids.

To eradicate a bee or wasp nest, the location of the nest will be identified first. Direct treatment method will be followed. Nests in the ground may be treated by drenching. Nest eradication operation will be done in the evening when the colony is quiet and resting. At that time they have difficulty in flying.

Pesticides effective against wasp and bees will be poured in using a compressed air sprayer. The nozzle will be removed from the sprayer to let the product flow from the sprayer much like a faucet. To ensure that no living wasp or bee escape, insecticide application will be made one more time to the nests inside the bag. The wasp or bee nest be disposed off to garbage dump.

Precautionary Measures: During the wasp or bee nest removal operation, the occupants should vacate the house and may return one hour after the operation. Honey, if there is any, should never be consumed.

Video: Bees & Wasp Treatement
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