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Mitheela Pest Control was founded in 2004 with the objective to meet the needs for professional pest control services in Indore. Over the years, MPC has developed pest control technology suitable for this field. The services provided by Mitheela Pest Control to control various pests under diverse situations is not only safe and effective but also environment friendly.

The firm has acquired a wide range of experience from controlling pests in Hotels, Pharmaceutical Factories, Ware Housing, Shopping Mall, Row Houses, Industrial Areas etc.

Mr. Asif Rehman a pest control specialist with a Storage Pest Management and Fumigation from Indian Train Storage Institute [IGMRI], Hapur.


MBR Licence No.
IN-391 MB
ALP Licence No.
IN-058 ALP
Indian Pest Control
(Delhi - Mumbai)
Pest Management
Association (Pune)
Technicians are Rendered
Training at IGMRI, Hapur,
Govt. of India
Member of Indore Pest
Control Association